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Home Design



-Personal Home Planning 

  and Design


-Pre-Purchase Property Analysis 


-Working Documents 

  and Specifications


-Co-ordination with all

  Required Engineers and 



-Acquire all Necessary 



-Liaison with Government 



-Construction Phase


About Me

I have designed over 200 homes throughout the California Central Coast . These homes range in size from the 

very small to the grand estate.  Each is created with distinctive styling, attention to view lines, site planning, and the environment.  


My design goals are to create a home that reflects my clients individual style while achieving their personal requirements for space, function and budget. 

I have designed homes in every community in San Luis Obispo County and have been providing a full service product for my clients for over 30 years.  I personally do all the design, rendering and assembly of construction documents.  I also do all consultation that is required with associated engineers, landscaper designers, interior designers and government agencies.  

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David Einung


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All my designs are created as fully integrated 2-D and  3-D objects.  Plan development is presented to clients in both plan and render modes.  Click here to see examples.    

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